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!Windows 10 P2P !

But note that It is PeerFinder library limitation NOT wifi-direct. You still can use underlying wifi-direct libraries for advertisement & discovery. It is possible and i have tested this atleast between window desktop app & windows mobile (NOT with Android).

!Windows 10 P2P !

2. turn on network discovery (without this your computer will not respond to pings or any other kinds of remote requests). Simply open a windows explorer window and click the "network option". it will attempt to find computers and devices on your network, if network discovery has not been enabled you will be prompted to do so.

5. use Putty or something similar to connect to your unraid server. Ping the windows PC's 10gb NIC using it's address (our sample is Because you have multiiple NIC's you must specify what NIC to use for ping.

You would normally go in and change the NIC priority, but this is no good in windows 10. for some reason they kept the interface and all it's options, but they don't work. Change the settings all you want and they will just revert back. You are expected to manually change the "metric" (although it's not well documented).

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Full details on this certificate and how it is used can be referenced in our public doc -us/azure/active-directory/devices/faq#qwhat-are-the-ms-organization-p2p-access-certificates-present-on-our-windows-10-devices

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