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Eco Tan Where To Buy

I've self tanned for years and have tried a lot of products. I'm very fair and it's difficult to find products that aren't too dark or make me look orange. I also can't stand the self tan smell that seems to linger for days from other products so I was very pleased that this did not have that trait. These products have a great natural color that fades better than anything I've ever tried. It is intimidating that they go on clear so you can't see where you're putting the product but being a expert self tanner i didn't have that much trouble with it. You really have to exfoliate your dry areas prior or the product really adheres to them and can look a bit orange but that's bound to happen with any self tanner. I'm also thrilled this is organic so I don't have to worry about any nasty chemicals! I would defiantly recommend any of the self tanning products as I have tried them all (minus the winter skin). I would just advise anyone new to self tanning to really do some homework on prep work prior to using the products.

eco tan where to buy

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Glory Oil is by far the BEST skincare oil I have ever used. I use it literally everywhere - hair, cuticles, face/neck and the odd scar or stretch mark. I have incredibly dry skin, so for my face I mix 2-3 drops with 2 pumps of the Super Fruit Hydrator. This combo also makes the best primer for makeup, although I hardly wear makeup anymore anyway because it makes my skin so glowy and I feel so confident in my skin. I actually have had compliments on how clear and smooth my skin looks after switching to all Eco by Sonya products. I've just reordered the glory oil and this time opted for the 100ml because I'm confident I'll be using this product forever. Highly recommend!

I used to be so scared of oils and creams due to having problem skin and acne. I literally smother this all over my face and everywhere and my face is so much smoother and more hydrated. I mix with other products add to makeup and could not live without it now. My kids burnt their faces whilst we were away and my sons had a blister and this saved them both! Minimalised and assisted the peeling process. Truly a little bottle of magic! 041b061a72

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