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Astro22 Professional Astrology Reports

No, we don't. We have developed this software for internal use only. Itworkson Unix / Linux systems and has no user interface as it is used bycomputers,not by humans. It wouldn't be much use to a Windows or Mac user. But thereisgood astrology software for purchase, you may want to try"Kepler" or "SolarFire". The best way to get an overview of available software is bysubscribingto the astrology magazine "The Mountain Astrologer" whichpublishesadvertisements of most astrological software.As for the interpretations: the copyrights for the interpretationspublished inthe Free Horoscopes are exclusively with Astrodienst AG. We do not sellthem.However, you can purchase the horoscope reports based on these texts inthe AstroShop.

Astro22 Professional Astrology Reports

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