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*Changes to origin, destination, routing, date and time are permitted except for Basic Economy tickets, and the mileage difference (and any applicable taxes) for the new Award ticket will apply. For travel originating from the United States and Canada to anywhere in the world (including flights operated by joint venture and codeshare partners), Members may change or cancel Award tickets for travel without a redeposit or change fee, excluding Basic Economy fares. For some travel originating outside the United States and Canada, Basic Economy Award ticket restrictions will vary and may be non-cancelable or may be changeable for a fee. For details, visit our Baggage & Travel Fees page.

buy mileage tickets

1Charges may vary by country. Charges will only apply to tickets issued in select European countries and Members may be eligible for a waiver of the direct ticketing international charge upon request. Charges are waived for all other points of origin.

Awards are subject to capacity controls. Awards may require higher prices depending on routing rules and restrictions. Exceptions to these rules may require additional mileage or taxes and fees. Travel to all destinations within region may not be available at lowest price. Not all countries within region are serviced by Delta and/or partner airlines. Taxes and fees for Award Travel are the responsibility of the passenger and must be paid at the time the ticket is issued. The payment of any taxes, fees, and other government-, airport- or carrier-imposed charges is the responsibility of the passenger. Award redemption requires payment of at least $11.20 in U.S. government taxes and fees for domestic itineraries and may include up to $600 for foreign government taxes and fees and/or carrier-imposed fees for international itineraries.

Award Tickets issued by Delta Reservation Sales over the phone, in person at a ticket office or airport ticket counter, may be subject to a direct ticketing charge. Charges only apply to tickets issued in select European countries and may be waived upon request. Charges are waived for all other points of sale.

GOL Award Travel: On April 1, 2020, Delta and GOL ended their partnership and SkyMiles Members are no longer able to redeem their miles for Award Travel on GOL. Award Travel booked on GOL on or before March 31, 2020 will be honored. For these Members, Award Travel tickets will be valid for 1 year from the date of issue.

Pay with Miles is an exclusive benefit for Delta SkyMiles American Express Card Members. This benefit allows Card Members to use their miles, starting at just 5,000 miles, to discount the price of Delta tickets. Regardless of ticket price, a Card Member can reduce the cost of their ticket by up to $50 for every 5,000 miles. For example, redeeming 10,000 of your miles takes $100 off your fare, 15,000 miles takes $150 off, 20,000 miles takes $200 off, etc.

You can redeem the award miles you earn for flight awards with our airline partners, which include all Star Alliance partners and other Miles & More airline partners. Our mileage bargains also offer you particularly attractive deals to selected destinations worldwide. From 21 March 2022, it will no longer be possible to book Premium Economy Class award flights on flights within Europe and to the Middle East with LOT Polish Airlines.

Have you always wanted to fly First Class one day? Then take a quick look at your mileage account, and treat yourself to an upgrade on your next flight, either directly when booking or at the check-in counter shortly before departure. In most cases, you can conveniently book your awards online with our partners. Your local Miles & More Service Team will also be happy to help. Here you will find all the airlines where you can redeem your miles.

You can book a Companion Award for the second accompanying person. For the second flight award, you will receive a 50% reduction on the mileage amount for the normal flight award.Children receive a 25% reduction on the mileage amount required for normal flight awards.

You can book flight award tickets online at any time of day on the entire route network of Aegean Airlines, Air Canada, Air China, Air Dolomiti, Air Malta, Air New Zealand, All Nippon Airways, Asiana Airlines, Austrian Airlines, Avianca, Brussels Airlines, Cathay Pacific, Condor (Economy Class only), Croatia Airlines, EgyptAir, Ethiopian Airlines, Eurowings, EVA Air, LOT Polish Airlines (not for Premium Economy Class), Lufthansa, Luxair, Olympic Air, Scandinavian Airlines, Shenzhen Airlines, Singapore Airlines, South African Airways, SWISS, TAP Portugal, Thai Airways, Turkish Airlines and United Airlines.The prerequisite is that the seats you have chosen are available in your preferred class of service on the desired route and in the corresponding booking class for Miles & More.Companion Awards can be booked online by all eligible Miles & More members.

Great to have you with us. In order to be able to enjoy all the features of your Miles & More mileage account, you must activate two-factor authentication. This provides maximum protection for sensitive processes such as changing your personal data, PIN or password.

By making a mileage purchase, you acknowledge that you have read the relevant provisions herein carefully and agree to be bound by them. EVA Air may amend the rules from time to time and announce it on the website. Transactions completed before the amendment will not be affected.

However, also be sure you consider the opportunity of the TakeOff 15 redemption option, allowing you get a 15% discount on award tickets. In many cases the math will work out better on those redemptions.

The article is outdated in places. As part of award tickets earning MQD/MQM/MQD, Pay With Miles tickets also started earning MQD at the 1 per 100 miles rate. Elite credit wise, there's no difference between redeeming 20k miles or $100 plus 10k miles.

Sure this is correct as of today (maybe was correct in the past)? As of last year, award tickets DO earn MQM/MQS/MQDs, while NOT earning redeemable miles. And now with the 15% discount you get for redeemable miles with these same "pay with mile" cards. So why would ANYONE use the latter if you are effectively paying much more in miles while losing MQM/MQS/MQD accrual?

The article is outdated in places. As part of award tickets earning MQD/MQM/MQD, Pay With Miles tickets also started earning MQD at the 1 per 100 miles rate. Elite credit wise, there's no difference between redeeming 20k miles or $100 plus 10k miles.The Miles+Cash option open to all members (effectively buying the miles between the normal award price and the mile portion of the Miles + Cash) likewise earns the same elite credit, though this is probably the last resort redemption option.

If you find that blackout dates or small mileage balances are preventing you from using your miles, you may be able to transfer your miles to a friend or donate your miles to a charity. Either option should be available through your credit card's miles redemption page, although there are sometimes limits on how many miles you can transfer and how often you can perform transfers within a given time period.

You can use the miles earned through flights and purchases on not only flight tickets but in a variety of everyday settings as well. We hope to always let you sparkle as only you can.

You can earn points on revenue tickets, which include flights paid entirely with dollars, LUV Vouchers, gift cards, or flight credits, and with no portion of the purchase price paid for with Rapid Rewards points. You cannot earn points on nonrevenue travel, including reward travel, Companion Pass travel, or any travel with any portion of the purchase price paid for with Rapid Rewards points. Other travel not eligible for earning points includes, but is not limited to, charter flights, service-charged, reduced-rate, trade out, extra seat, and paper tickets.

Bear in mind that United devalued its MileagePlus program in 2020. But even after this devaluation, there's still value to be found. For the cheapest mileage rates, you'll want to stick to flights operated by United or redeem for some MileagePlus sweet spots.

There are a lot of situations where the cost of buying a ticket could be far more expensive than buying miles with this bonus. This is especially true with one-way tickets that often cost more than half the round-trip price.

The bonus of 500 or 1,000 additional LifeMiles applies only to LifeMiles members who have flown on densified cabin planes on any route (500 miles will be awarded on domestic routes and 1,000 miles on international routes) and whose tickets were purchased in the XXL bundle or redeemed with LifeMiles in classes C, J, K, D, A, I. Starting on September 1st, the bonus for international routes will change from 1,000 miles to 5,000 miles. The miles will be credited up to 45 calendar days after flying the segment. To receive the miles bonus, members must have correctly entered their LifeMiles frequent flyer number before flying the segment and this number must match the ticket holder's personal information (name, surname). The accumulation of the bonus miles to the LifeMiles account cannot be requested later. The miles awarded with this bonus are not eligible for elite status and can be redeemed during their validity. The LifeMiles program's mileage expiration policy applies. This bonus will be awarded for an indefinite period for flights taken from October 20, 2021, until Avianca, at its discretion, decides to remove this miles bonus. Avianca will notify the end date of the bonus delivery one month in advance through the LifeMiles program. 041b061a72

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